T​he ​​Curated​ Streaming App At The New Intersection Of Art And Entertainment


The Curated Streaming App at the New Intersection of Art & Entertainment



Explore the world's best digital animation videos. Expertly curated.

Play video samples below (with sound):


Enjoying Supernova

Turn any screen or wall into dazzling, entertaining artwork


11 Reasons I Can’t Live Without Supernova:

1. I want something unique and dazzling in my life
2. I'd never find videos like these on Youtube
3. I support groundbreaking artists
4. I'm addicted to creating my own Supernova video playlists
5. My friends will finally realize I'm cool
6. For when I'm waiting in line or bored at my desk
7. So tired of seeing my reflection in that black screen
8. Static art is for my parents....
9. Creativity inspires me
10. $1.99/mo is half the cost of my daily latte
11. Because the dial should always go to eleven!


Amp Up Your Party!

Dazzle your friends. Throw down your favorite Supernova digital animations at friend gatherings, study groups, or that wild Saturday evening bash. Our apps easily bring your TV (or laptop) to the next level of entertainment. Use a projector and get crazy on your wall. Just pick your favorite.


Enhance Venues

Supernova's themed collections are the ideal way to energize your lobby, store, restaurant, bar and even cannabis lounge. One click in the morning and your customers are enjoying the world’s most original, creative streaming videos during their visit. Choose if your patrons will absorb the digital “chill”, or feast their eyes on our amped collections to elevate their mood. Let Supernova effortlessly reinforce your brand’s vibe.


Unleash Your Imagination
Fresh Videos Added Weekly



No Contract. Cancel Any time.




Supernova supports wildly talented artists from around the world.
No meme’s here, their videos take time, skill and dedication to create.




Q. After I subscribe, how do I watch Supernova videos?

1. Once you sign up, you get online access to the thousands of Supernova videos when you Log In on this website.
2. If you want to watch Supernova on your phone or tablet, download the free Supernova app on the
Apple App Store or Google Play (for Android phones).
3. If you want to watch Supernova on a TV, download the free Supernova app on Apple TV, Roku, Amazon FireStick, or AndroidTV.

Q. Can I watch Supernova videos on my TV?

Yes. Just download the free Supernova app on Apple TV, Roku, Amazon FireStick, or AndroidTV.

Q. Can I share Supernova videos with friends?

Yes, you can post or share videos with friends or on your social media.

Q. How much does Supernova cost?

Your first 7 days are free. Then it’s only $1.99 per month thereafter. You can cancel any time.

Q. Is there a contract? Can I quit any time?

There is no contract. You can quit any time.

Q. How does the free 7 day period work?

You automatically get 7 days to check out the great Supernova videos and streams. If you cancel within those 7 days, you will not be charged. After 7 days, you will automatically be charged the monthly fee.

Q. How can I pay?

You can pay via Paypal or a debit or credit card. After any free periods, you are charged automatically each month though you may quit at any time.

Q. Where would I watch Supernova?

Anywhere on any screen (phone, laptop, tablet, TV, etc.)! Enjoy by yourself or with friends in social settings seeking a cool vibe. See Uses.

Q. Can I make my own playlist?

Yes, just click on any video you particularly like and it will be stored in “My Playlist” so you can play your favorites any time.

Q. How do you organize the Supernova videos?

When you first get on the Supernova app, you’ll see we’ve organized the videos into Collections including “What’s Hot”, “Recently Added”, “My Playlist”, themed collections like “Trippin”, “Chill” and “MindCrush”. If you find a video you like, you can also find a collection of all videos from that artist.

Videos are organized into a variety of categories from the annual Supernova Digital Animation Festival. The app offers collections of videos you can stream such as “What’s Hot” and “Recently Added” as well as themed collections to suit a particular vibe like “Trippin”, “Chill” and “MindCrush”. If you find a video you like, you can see all the videos from that same artist. And finally, just add any video you like to “My Playlist” and you can always watch all your favorites back to back.

Q. Can I play the videos without the accompanying music?

Yes, use your volume control.

Q. How long are Supernova's digital animation videos?

Most videos are 2 to 6 minutes long.

Q. Can I show Supernova videos in a business/store location?

Yes. We offer commercial plans in order to show Supernova videos in more public settings like company lobbies, bars or retail stores. Please contact us here for pricing and detailed information.

Q. How does the Supernova app connect to the Supernova festivals?

The Supernova app is the digital accompaniment to the Supernova Festivals, showing the very best of the Supernova Festival videos.

Q. Do the video artists get paid?

We love our Supernova artists. It’s part of our core mission to support them and their creative work. Award money and annual stipends are part of the annual Supernova Festival structure, in support of artists included in our programming. A recurring revenue stream for all artists that show their videos on the Supernova app will be implemented at defined levels of ongoing subscriber support.

Q. How do you submit videos to get shown in the Supernova app?

Apply to Supernova Digital Animation Festival through FilmFreeway.

Q. What do I do if I have more questions?